Reduced queue times at Dublin Airport despite busy Easter weekend

As Dublin Airport prepares for a busy bank holiday weekend, the airport operator has said security queues are being kept under 30 minutes.

It comes as 50,000 people are expected to travel through the airport this Easter.

In recent weeks, the airport has been plagued by chaotic queues due to staff shortages stemming from the pandemic.

Despite reduced wait times this week, people are still advised to arrive three and a half hours before their flight to account for possible delays.

Speaking to Newstalk, the DAA’s Graham McQueen said passengers can rest assured that additional staff are available at the airport.

“Security times generally stay under thirty minutes, so that’s what we want, we don’t want it to go any higher,” McQueen said.

“Sometimes it’s gone up a little bit more just when it’s busier, and we’ve adjusted the staff to make sure they’re at the right terminals and things like that.

“So expect him to be busy, just show up, be prepared for things to take a little longer and be patient but work with the team.”

“We have a lot of staff around, you can’t miss them, they’re dressed in high visibility pink this weekend.”

In the run up to Easter, passengers were advised not to arrive too early.

According to the airport operator, it is currently in the process of hiring nearly 300 new security checkpoints to meet the significant increase in demand for international travel.

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