Brave’s browser can automatically skip Google’s AMP pages

Brave is kicking off Google’s Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) with a new feature called De-AMP, the edge informed. It is designed to bypass any AMP-rendered pages and take users directly to the original website. “Where possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs to prevent users from visiting AMP pages altogether,” the company wrote in a blog post.

If that’s not possible, then “Brave will watch as pages are fetched and redirect users away from AMP pages before the page is rendered, preventing AMP/Google code from loading and executing,” he added.

The new feature was implemented in the name of privacy, security, and the Internet experience, according to Brave. “In practice, AMP is harmful to users and the Web in general,” the article states. “Just as bad, AMP helps Google further monopolize and control the web address.” He adds that the next iteration of AMP “will be even worse.”

Google originally promoted AMP as a way to improve the mobile web experience by loading pages faster. However, it has recently come under fire as a way for Google to increase its hegemony in the Internet advertising market by hosting content on its own servers. A group of publishers recently announced it was pulling away from AMP, and a lawsuit filed by several US states accuses Google of having a monopoly that hurt competitors and publishers in the ad industry.

Brave promises “the best online privacy” with its browser, so of course attacking Google is part of its business strategy. Despite its efforts, however, it lags far behind most other browsers in terms of mobile market share, ranking in the “other” category behind Internet Explorer on Statcounter. De-AMP is now available in beta and “will be enabled by default in the upcoming 1.38 Desktop and Android versions, and will be released on iOS soon after,” Brave said.

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