The Irishman was met with the wallet at Dublin airport after an epic adventure on the Aer Lingus flight to New York

The Irish have described the epic saga of one man’s lost wallet as “the best docu-drama they’ve invested in for a long time”.

Cian Hogan lost his wallet on an Aer Lingus flight back to Dublin Airport from JFK in New York City.

Fortunately, it has an Apple Air Tag that allows it to track its whereabouts, meaning it was able to follow the wallet’s journey.

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On Twitter, Cian issued an appeal on the off chance that someone on the return flight might see the article.

He said: “Hello Twitter. Lost my wallet on @AerLingus flight EI104 coming from JFK. Wallet is now headed back east to the US!”

“In case anyone is on board, it’s near seat 3A at the front left side of the plane. I’d appreciate a retweet. Thanks!”

The message quickly gained traction among social media users, with many becoming highly engaged when Cian shared updates on the wallet’s transatlantic journey.

The wallet arrived at JFK airport in New York.

Among the updates were the wallet’s journey across the Atlantic, its arrival at JFK, and then how it was “on the move again.”

He was finally reunited with his cards and cash on Sunday morning at Dublin Airport, which was a huge relief to everyone following the saga.

Cian said: “Final update. Wallet is home. Thank you all so much. Had a good laugh last night following the thread! Irish twitter can be so much fun!”

People had been sharing their hilarious responses to the story as the wallet made its way to New York and back.

One person said: “I’m sick with the plague and sick of TV and Netflix. Had a great night of entertainment with #WalletGate.” Calling Mr. Cians Wallet, @AerLingus EI104 in Dublin, please proceed to gate 78 immediately. “…Amazon will probably order the movie!”

A second wrote: “His wallet has traveled more in 24 hours than I have in 2.5 years…very jealous. Glad he’s back.”

A third commented, “Apple owes you stock! The number of people now ordering air tags because of your tweets! They better send you something nice. You’re like an ambassador for Apple and Aer Lingus now.”

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