Dublin Airport operator reveals why parking prices fluctuate and how to find cheap parking

The operator of Dublin Airport has explained why the price of parking goes up and down.

The Dublin Airport Authority said the price reflects the demand for parking.

There are 18,500 parking spaces throughout the airport campus which were in high demand during the Easter period.

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There have been reports of some passengers paying double parking fees recently.

“This dynamic pricing model means that sometimes a customer can pay less or more than they might have paid previously, which allows us to effectively manage parking demand, ensuring that all those who need to park at the airport from Dublin can do it,” said one daa. spokesman for the Irish Independent.

“With Dublin Airport getting busier once again, some passengers will pay more for parking in the coming weeks and months than they would have in the last two years when the airport was much quieter, at just 5% of 2019 traffic and the demand for parking was greatly reduced, resulting in more discounted offers online.”

He added: “To get the best available parking rates, we encourage passengers to book online in advance to take advantage of significant savings compared to our gate prices and best available deals. We also encourage passengers, where possible, to travel to Dublin Airport via the many public transport options available.”

Queues for shops and restaurants at Dublin Airport.

Meanwhile, visitors to Dublin Airport were recently relieved to experience minimal delays after both terminals were filled with massive queues in recent months.

After a prolonged “chaotic period” in which people could often be seen queuing for over an hour to get through security, the delays appear to have lessened.

However, while airport operations appear to be running smoothly, there are now other issues that seem to be frustrating passengers.

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