Google Translate gets a Material You widget on Android

Following the iOS app in March, Google Translate for Android now has a home screen widget that follows the latest Material You design language.

Previously, Google Translate for Android only offered a 1×1 home screen shortcut that allows you to quickly create and launch a specific language pair. The new widget consists of two rows and is styled similar to Google Maps.

Google sees the current translation pairing at the top, and tapping immediately opens the app. This is followed by shortcuts to enter voice, conversation, transcription, or camera mode. What appears in the bottom row differs by language.

The widget adopts the Dynamic Color theme and is nifty for heavy users of the app. It follows last year’s gorgeous redesign of the Translate app, which made one of Google’s best Material You revamps.

As of today, with version 6.34, the Google Translate Android widget has not yet been widely implemented. It could appear with the next version of the application, as long as a server-side component is not ruled out. of Google cheep this morning he provided no details. Availability will presumably require Android 12 and newer.

The pace of new Android widgets and/or Material You redesigns is certainly slowing, as Google has mostly covered its biggest apps since launching Android 12 and Pixel 6 last year.

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