AIB issues urgent taxi warning

AIB issued an urgent scam alert and warned customers NOT to put their bank cards in taxis.

The bank has warned customers not to put their cards in a taxi in a new scam it has become aware of.


AIB has issued an urgent scam warningCredit: REUTERS/Phil Noble
AIB has warned customers not to put their bank cards in a taxi


AIB has warned customers not to put their bank cards in a taxiCredit: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

They explained that the scammers have been pretending to call customers and pretend to be from AIB.

They will say that your card details are already in the hands of criminals, and that AIB has allegedly arranged for a taxi to collect your card.

Then a genuine taxi will arrive and innocently hand over your card to the real criminals who now have access to your money.

In a statement to customers, AIB said: “Do not put your bank card in a taxi.

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“This may sound like a strange idea, but it shows how far scammers will go to get their hands on your card.

“We have heard of cases where a scammer, posing as AIB, calls or texts you to tell you that your card details are already in the wrong hands of criminals and we (AIB) have arranged a taxi to collect your card from you.”

They added: “A genuine taxi arrives, picks up the card and innocently hands it over to a real criminal.

“Now they have access to the money in your account.”

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And AIB bosses warned that while they can call customers about suspicious activity, they will never ask for their bank card.

They also won’t send a taxi to collect your card and they won’t ask you to click on any links.

The bank also urged customers to simply hang up if they receive a call about suspicious bank card activity if it sounds strange.

Customers can also freeze their cards or cancel them online.

AIB said: “If you get a call about suspicious activity on your card and the call sounds strange in any way, just hang up. You can also freeze your card or cancel it online.”


Coming separately, JPAC has issued a major scam warning as a possible pyramid scheme is going around.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is warning people not to get involved with the possible scam circulating online in the African community in Ireland.

The alleged pyramid scheme is known as the Amazing Grace Family and Friends scheme.

JPAC says it is believed to have first appeared in Ireland last year.

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This scheme describes itself as a gift giving community that helps people achieve their financial goals.

JPAC said that they are currently investigating this scheme and have warned people not to get involved in it.

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