Dad finally feels like a ‘real man’ when penis moved from arm to right spot after 6 years

A man has opened up to the happiness of having his penis snap back into its proper place after having it in his arm for six years.

Malcolm MacDonald, whose old penis is said to have fallen into the toilet, revealed his nightmare is now over after a successful nine-hour operation.

Dad Malcolm, 47, has spoken about the ordeal in a new Channel 4 documentary to be shown tonight (Monday 2 May).

He said: “It was a nine-hour operation. The first thing I did was look down and say, ‘Oh my days. They got it this time.'”

He continued effusively, “I feel like a real man again.”

His penis was said to have fallen out in 2010 after a horrible blood infection.

The documentary will air on Channel 4.

Doctors built him a new six-inch penis that was originally meant to be placed between his legs in 2015, but a lack of oxygen in his blood meant it initially had to be grafted onto his arm.

Then, thanks to a combination of hospital delays and the covid pandemic, the £50,000 NHS-funded task meant his penis had to remain in his arm for a while.

However, he told the documentary, “It’s something to tell the grandkids, isn’t it?”

The dart player revealed that he even had to learn how to put the darts under his member.

It had been created by Professor David Ralph at University College Hospital in London, who made it from the flesh of a man’s arm so that he could feel.

Eventually, it is said that it will be able to prepare him for sex thanks to a pump in his scrotum that will fill it with a saline solution.

Malcolm says his life is bound to get better
Malcolm says his life is bound to get better

Malcolm revealed that the operation could be huge for his future. He confessed: “This could be a turning point in my life.

“My luck in life hasn’t been very good so far, but it can only go wrong for a while, right?

“Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It’s been a nightmare, but now it’s gone, you little son of a bitch.”

The man with the penis on his arm is broadcast on Channel 4 tomorrow at 10:05 p.m.

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