Top 10 Emerging Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021-22 by Fame Finders

May 04, 2022 13:54 IST

New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI/GPRC): Female entrepreneurship has a vital role in shaping the future of business. The latest statistics reveal that women’s entrepreneurship has increased considerably in recent years. These wonderful women deserve to be appreciated for their hard-earned path to success by juggling work and family life every day. These are brilliant minds and they contribute remarkably to the nation’s economy.
Fame Finders honored the top 10 emerging women entrepreneurs of the year 2021-22, who broke all barriers and stood their ground despite the challenges.
1. AATHIRA PREETHARANI- Founder of ExoGeo Aerospace Inc: At the age of 24, Aathira Preetharani has achieved remarkable success. She is the youngest president and CEO of the Canadian Aerospace Defense, Inclusion and Diversity Council. She is also the founder and CEO of ExoGeo Aerospace Inc., a futuristic space company focused on building space tugs to aid in interplanetary exploration, service other satellites, and solve the problem of space debris in Earth orbit. . She is a pilot in training looking to fly fighter jets and is a recognized community leader in Canada. Aathira Preetharani has several accolades on her cap and she received the Wayne McIntyre Award for Leadership in Canada and was featured in the United Nations Sherunsspace campaign.
She is recognized for her extensive experience in innovation, development and implementation of overall corporate strategy, business development, partnerships, strategic investments, acquisitions, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the defense and space industry.
2. SAROJ PANDIT- Founder of AtiSunya Private Limited:
Saroj Pandit is the director of leading Microsoft Silver Partner company, AtiSunya Private Limited. She is dedicated to serving customers for support and implementation and aims to help disadvantaged women learn, win, and lead in the tech space with her encouragement and support.
His current position is the result of his determination, excellence and tremendous hard work over the years. AtiSunya Private Limited is a leading provider of Microsoft solutions working with all industries such as manufacturing units, finance, supply chain management, medical sector, automobile sector, technology-based start-ups, FMCG sector, solar energy and logistics, end-to-end technology solutions help bring complex products to market faster and more accurately.
3. RENU SHAH- Founder of STEP (Shakti- The Empathy Project):
Renu, a strong believer in gender equality, is committed to gender equity and economic participation, founded STEP (Shakti- The Empathy Project), an incubation program for early-stage female social entrepreneurs aimed at building an entrepreneurial community self sufficient. .
In his long and dedicated career in the development sector, prior to STEP he also founded Koseli & Project Pehal focused on the education of disadvantaged children. Before moving to the impact sector, she was a successful business woman involved in import, marketing and distribution businesses.
He has a Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. She was a John Galbraith Policy Scholar at Harvard Kennedy School and also received the EpicChange Global Woman Award for her work with inner-city children.
4. RIYA GOTE- Founder of Scriberlee:
Riya Gote studied for a Masters in International Business Administration in Singapore through Edinburgh Napier’s Transnational Education (TNE) partnership. After completing her studies, she returned to India and set up her own digital marketing company, Scriberlee.
She has worked with more than 18 industries on a global scale as a content writer. She is a motivational speaker who has delivered successful presentations at prestigious universities, banking institutions, and corporations. She has also been featured in Forbes India for her ability to produce high quality content.
She has a lot of potential and is eager to promote and put freelancers in the spotlight.
5. VANDANA TOLANI- Founder of Convanto:
Vandana Tolani is the founder of the renowned boutique investment bank Convanto. Beginning her career in her family offices in Singapore and Jakarta as an investment banker and advisor, she has gained over 15 years of domestic and international business advisory experience. Her diverse experience and her excellence have taken her to the heights of success.
Vandana has been honored as one of the Top 10 Leading Women in Wealth Management for 2021, and her Convanto brand is among the Top 10 Women Entrepreneur Brands along with NYKAA.
In 2022, she was awarded Top 10 Futuristic Woman. In February 2022, Kiran Bedi awarded Convanto at Tech Startup Conclave 2022 as the best financial institution for supporting startups organized by AICRA-All India Council for Robotics & Automation.

6. CHAVI HEMANTH- Founder of EBS India Inc:
Chavi Hemanth is a Brand Equity Building Strategist with experience in corporate affairs, marketing communication, paralegal and regulatory initiatives, public relations, and sales and marketing management roles.
In her 25-year corporate career, she has worked for FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) as Director of Retail Trade and FMCG and IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) as Secretary General, where she assisted closely with the government in the industry. policy initiatives.
She is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded EBS India Inc, a business consulting firm, as well as other business ventures such as Swavlambika Samman. The Swaavlambika Foundation and Pink Alchemist will launch soon.
7. SARIKA MEHTA- Founder of HealthyHo:
A passion that began with a desire to be behind the camera and work for various corporate and government organizations for over 15 years, and then progressed to spreading awareness of mental and physical health issues.
He started a social initiative called HEALTHYHO, which is a channel on YouTube, Facebook and the JioChat platform to raise awareness and educate people about health. His videos became so popular in just four years. Her channel now has a family of 1 lac + organic subscribers, 1 crore plus channel views.
Now he is spreading his wings in the essential oils and other health products space with his company Vann Essentials, which is an online platform for pure, non-toxic products made with natural ingredients.
That’s a glimpse of this lady Sarika Mehta, a film producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur continuing her journey to a healthier tomorrow.
8. Dr. KUILJEIT UPPAAL- Founder of Krea:
Dr. KuiljeitUppaal is the world’s first imaging scientist, impact strategist, winner of the ‘Genius Polymath’ honor for being an imaging scientist, aviator, educator, author, entrepreneur, and creative director. He has received several national and international awards for excellence in the world of innovation, education and social impact.
She is National Chair of Life Skills for the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Women, and Chair of Image Management for ALL India for the world’s largest international women’s organization. She mentors professionals and trains corporations in Person and Image Management, Corporate and Life Skills.
9. SHALINI VERMA- Co-founder of AtiSunya Private Limited:
Shalini Verma is a director of AtiSunya Private Limited. The company is a trusted technology partner for many startups, high-growth companies, SMEs and established corporations around the world. She has come a long way by facing various hardships and challenges and has achieved this esteemed position.
His hard-earned success deserved to be admired and valued. Today, AtiSunya Private Limited works with a wide range of industries, such as SCM, Logistics, Tech-based Startups, FMCG, and is promoted by a group of entrepreneurs who have strong backgrounds in technology, media, finance, IT management. supply chain, distribution and trade. He has a long-term vision of taking the company to greater heights in the years to come.
10. Advanced SEJAL GOEL- Founder of Sejal M. Shah & Associates:
Sejal Goel is a Lawyer specializing in Direct and Indirect Taxation. She is handling tax litigation all the way to the superior court. After completing her B. Ed. and MBA, she worked as an educator at Aditya Birla World Academy in Mumbai.
She has been elected as a member of the management committee of the Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Practitioners Association and is the coordinator of various committees such as Webinar, Websites and Information Technology Committee, Intensive Study Circle and the seminars and workshops committee for the year 2021. -22.
Social Commitment Towards: Jain Defenders Federation and Jain International Women’s Organization (JIWO). Sejal is a speaker at various forums and seminars. She is a person who loves sports and active participation in marathons all over India and she enjoys cycling.
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