Bird flu detected in Oregon and Washington | News

SALEM, Pray. – The Oregon Department of Agriculture and other state departments report that bird flu has been detected in Oregon and Washington.

A press conference was held today at 2 pm to discuss the first detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Oregon and Washington. Officials from the Washington and Oregon Departments of Agriculture spoke at the conference.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture confirmed that the Oregon outbreak site has been quarantined and encouraged people to stay away from any biosecure sites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that there is a case of bird flu in Linn County.

At the news conference, officials with the Oregon Department of Agriculture provided more details about the local outbreak. They said a call about a sick bird Tuesday morning turned out to be a case of bird flu after a test at an Oregon State University veterinary lab. Authorities say the owner’s flock, numbering more than 100 birds of various species, was depopulated and removed today. The farm has been cleaned and is currently being inspected for further infection risks. The exact origin of this outbreak is unknown.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture said the bird flu case in Washington was a small flock of about 50 chickens that were culled.

Authorities say bird flu strains are usually spread through bird fecal matter and contact with infected birds. Around 40 different types of bird species could be susceptible to the current strain of bird flu, including some wild birds.

Despite this, the CDC says it is rare for this bird flu to infect humans.

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