The best wireless headphones, according to glowing Amazon reviews

If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the wireless headphone wave, you may be intimidated by the number of options out there, especially if you want something more affordable than Apple’s AirPods.

As the name suggests, wireless headphones connect to your phone via Bluetooth. They get their charge from a charging case that plugs into a wall outlet or other power source, and many offer listening times that last at least 24 hours.

The compact case means they’re easy to slip into a small bag or pocket, making them a perfect accessory for working out, walking around the neighborhood, or making work calls on the go.

Apple Airpods and Apple Airpod Pros (which cost up to $250) are popular options for wireless listening, but there are other brands that work just as well. We’ve analyzed tons of Amazon reviews to help you figure out which wireless earbuds stack up against them. We looked at a few criteria, including how many cool features they have, color options, charge duration, and water resistance capabilities. Check them out below.

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