Scientists capture the grim wail of a black hole

Hear it right here!

sing along

Is it a speeding car? A group of sinners crying in purgatory?

It’s pretty easy to see how anyone could confuse the horrible black hole sounds that NASA just recorded and posted on its official YouTube channel on Wednesday. The black hole is located in the center of the Perseus cluster of galaxies, the sounds of which NASA has been studying since 2003.

The clip below uses “sonification” to translate the pressure waves sent out by the black hole into a note. NASA said the popular misconception that space has no sound is only true in places where space is a vacuum and doesn’t provide a means for sound waves to move. A galaxy cluster, on the other hand, has gas that envelops the hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within it, giving the sound a medium.

natural feeling

Humans love the spooky sounds of nature – look out for the popularity of whale song and even machines that help mushrooms “talk.” But it’s hard to get “sounds” out of space, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory made sure to list some fascinating facts about the effort it took to create the 34-second clip in a statement about the project.

The team observed the black hole between 1999 and 2009 and then resonated the sound waves so humans could hear it. The sounds were scaled 57 and 58 octaves above their actual pitch, or about 7 piano lengths, and the team spent more than 416 hours in total observation time to get the job done.

Kudos to such a dedicated team for making it to the end only to be scared away by creepy cosmic talk.

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