First user video of DJI Mini 3 Pro in flight goes live

After the appearance on Friday of the yet-to-be-released DJI Mini 3 Pro unboxing video, it was inevitable that a movie of the new drone in flight would soon be released. That booming sound (accompanied by a distinctive buzz) is the fated footage coming in, stage right.

That video of the Mini 3 Pro being put to the test was uploaded just a few hours later, not unreasonably, the same content creator posted photos of the ship unboxing. English drone pilot Darren McHardy posted the film on his YouTube channel and pointed it out to the world using his @DMPRODUCTIONS twitter account. The clicks started piling up from there.

McHardy’s intention in the demo film is obviously to cater to viewers who have been both excited and haunted by months of rumors ahead of the Mini 3 Pro’s expected May 10 launch.youh a quick but loving look at the drone and the built-in display controller. As such, it presents more beautiful images of the ship in flight over a beach in England at sunset than technological details.

That last point is pretty moot though, as previous leaks have provided the world with all the spec details about the drone that it needs to know.

However, McHardy notes some interesting technological points. Despite recent complaints from DJI Mavic 3 drone users about long delays in GPS connections, some over 10 minutes, McHardy says the Mini 3 Pro locked onto one of 25 satellites it had found in 10 seconds.

It also reveals that while many of the rumored features are already operational on his prematurely obtained drone, no tracking or obstacle avoidance capabilities were activated. DJI will likely remedy those absences with a firmware tweak once the craft’s existence has been (officially) acknowledged.

However, the video of DJI’s newest drone in action seems to contain another element of the inevitable, or at least very likely. Namely, McHardy’s yesterday’s post of unboxing footage that he claimed came from a leaker was actually filmed by himself.

Aside from the fact that the manicure on the hands visible in both films is uncannily similar, DroneDJ Writer Ishveena Singh noted that, in response to yesterday’s unboxing video, “eagle-eyed drone enthusiasts claim that the box seen in the video came from the inventory of UK retailer Agros, who accidentally made their list public.” of products last weekend. Although it’s a big country (and world), McHardy’s origins (is that Manchester accent?) make that connection to England seem more than coincidental.

Perhaps most compelling, meanwhile, is that if McHardy didn’t have a Mini 3 Pro to unbox on his own, how did he get one to shoot flight footage on the same day? Why would a leaker take the minor joy of breaking the packaging and hand out the prize inside for the biggest deal?

McHardy may eventually be able to answer those questions for himself, but for now, in the wake of his most recent work with the Mini 3 Pro aloft, most viewers now want to know something else: How the hell did he manage to get hold of the drone days before? what was expected DJI? to present it?

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