Sunday, May 8, clue and solution

Welcome back to another installment of “this is today’s Wordle answer” where I do the Wordle puzzle and tell you the answer, but not before giving you a hint. This… this was difficult. I got it in three, but it still took me longer than most other riddles combined because of the final word, and I wonder if I could trip you up the same way.

We were on an easier stretch there for a while, but these two weekend Wordle words are back to being tough again. We’ll see if anyone breaks their streak today, but the way it’s structured, you might be forced to guess until you get it with such limited options. Or you can come here and I will give you the answer for free.

An introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this word primer before you start playing and learn how this trend started.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get those answers with little guesswork, you can read the Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Today’s Wordle #319 Answer and Clue

Before I go any further, I’m going to pretend this is a Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness article and give you guys a huge spoiler warning here in case you happen to be here by accident. As for a hint before we dive into the actual answer? That’s a little more difficult. This is a strange word, for which I had to look up the exact definition. Sounds like something a rich guy would say in the ’40s. That’s the best I’ve got.

And the answer is…


Yes, cunning. I mean, I’ve heard it, I don’t know if I’ve used it before. So what is the definition of canny? That would be “having or showing cunning and good judgment, especially in matters of money or business.” As in, “he’s a shrewd businessman” or something like that. Again, I don’t hear most people say this…ever.

So how did I get there? I started with my usual CRANE, and I thought I was doing fine because that gave me the C’s and N’s in the right places, and word was there was an A in there somewhere. Then I guessed “CAINS”, which… I don’t really know what CAINS stands for, but the answer generator accepted it as a guess, so that told me where the A was supposed to go. Then things got weird, and I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out the final answer CA_N_ with no other clues and not a lot of missing letters. I tried MEAT but that’s another language so it didn’t even accept the guess. Eventually, it was my wife who came in and guessed CANNY, but she didn’t know what it meant either.

So yeah, there it is. Did you give up and end up here for the answer? If so, thanks for visiting us.

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