American household debt continues to rise, fueled by one important factor: Should you tell your co-workers your salary or keep it a secret?

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The 10 most popular cities that Americans moved to last year, and four are in this state

Here’s a hint: No New York City or California made it to Penske’s list of ’10 Mobile Destinations for 2021,’ but plenty of southern cities did. read more

‘Open discussion of salary is protected by law’: Should you tell your co-workers your salary or keep it a secret?

‘Secrecy about pay is so ingrained in the national psyche that most employees don’t discuss their pay with their co-workers.’ read more

My family owns land that has been in our family for 100 years. I would like to leave this land to my wife, as we have no children. But what if she remarries?

‘My wife and I have started to draw up a will. We have agreed to leave everything to each other. read more

Gas Prices Just Hit a New High, and Memorial Day Is Just Around the Corner: “Little, If Any, Good News on Fuel Prices Heading into Summer”

Markets are currently processing a proposed EU ban on Russian crude. read more

Janet Yellen: Rolling back abortion rights ‘would have very damaging effects on the economy and set women back decades’

At a Senate banking committee, Yellen spoke about what losing access to abortion would mean economically for women. read more

US household debt continues to rise, driven by one major factor, New York Fed says

Total household debt increased by $266 billion in the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 1.7%, the New York Federal Reserve said on Tuesday Read more

Inflation, supply chain problems and product recalls lead to “unprecedented” shortages of baby formula. But don’t try to make your own at home.

A product recall by baby formula giant Abbott Nutrition in February is compounding pandemic-induced supply chain problems. read more

When financial advisors ask you about your earliest memory of money, help them get to the truth

Childhood experiences with money tend to carry over into adulthood. read more

12 hybrid and gasoline cars that get the best mileage

Even if you’re not looking for an electric car, several hybrids offer spectacular mpg without the range anxiety, and don’t rule out the gas-only car, either. read more

Teens heading off to college this year could face nearly $40,000 in debt, and more parents are shouldering the burden

Many parents who shoulder the burden of this debt hurt their retirement. Here are some ways families can manage the costs of student loan debt. read more

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