BBVA creates a carbon markets business line

BBVA is strongly committed to sustainability, which is reflected not only in its own ambitious objectives as a financial institution, but also in a very significant objective, present in all its activities, of supporting its clients on the path to sustainability. In this context, the bank today announced the launch of its carbon markets business, a line of products within its Global Markets unit that will operate from Madrid and will be led by Ingo Ramming, who will join the bank as Head of Carbon. MarketProducts.

Addressing climate change is one of the most urgent and complex challenges of our time and will require a very significant level of investment. With the creation of the carbon markets business line, BBVA will expand its capacity to offer its business customers products that help them manage your regulatory and/or voluntary commitments related to climate change. As a first step, the bank will establish financing capacity (repos, total return swaps, etc.) and an offer of derivative products in European Union emission rights certificates.

roberto villa, Global Equity Manager at BBVA, points out that: “Getting involved in offering market products that help our customers combat the effects of climate change is a business necessity and an opportunity at the same time. I am delighted that this strategic development is being led by such an experienced professional as Ingo Ramming.”

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