Video shows good samaritans rushing into traffic to stop moving car

Police in Florida posted video online Wednesday showing a group of Good Samaritans running into traffic to avoid an impending accident.

According to the Boynton Beach Police Department, a woman suffered a medical episode while driving last week. Her co-worker, who was in a nearby car, saw her slump over the wheel and quickly jumped up to try to stop the moving car.

Spectators in other vehicles realized something was wrong and rushed to join the effort, eventually managing to stop the runaway car and open a window with a dumbbell. They pushed the car into a parking lot, where a nurse on the phone with 911 provided medical care for the driver until more help arrived.

Police said they were sharing the video “in hopes of learning the identities of all the strangers who came together to save this woman’s life.”

“They are heroes and we want to bring them together again at the police department to recognize them and meet the woman they rescued,” police said.

In an update to the post several hours later, police said they had found some of the Good Samaritans and were still working to round them all up.

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