Fauci says there would have been fewer deaths if more people got vaccinated

Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview on “PBS NewsHour” that many of the one million COVID-19-related deaths in the US could have been prevented if more people had been vaccinated.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center each list a slightly different number of deaths, both figures are just under the one million mark.

“It is estimated that if people had been more heavily vaccinated right now, vaccines would have prevented at least a quarter of those deaths, or about 250,000,” Fauci said.

“This pandemic is not over,” he said, warning that “if… we let our guard down… we can get into the same trouble we were in several months ago.”

Dr. Fauci on the state of the pandemic as the US marks 1 million COVID-19 deaths


Fauci has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for more than three decades and is also currently the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden. He has been a staunch advocate of vaccination, repeatedly urging people to get vaccinated and boosted.

He has previously spoken positively about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. During an interview on MSNBC last year, Fauci said that while it would be preferable for people to get vaccinated voluntarily, if they’re not willing to do so, “sometimes you have to do things that are unpopular but clearly supersede individual choices and are aimed predominantly for the common good.

While many Americans have chosen to get vaccinated and boosted, others have refused to do so; many people have still tested positive for COVID-19 even after receiving vaccinations.

“The COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States are effective in protecting people from becoming seriously ill, being hospitalized, and even dying, especially people receiving the booster,” the CDC states. “As with vaccines for other diseases, you are best protected when you stay up to date with the recommended number of doses and boosters.”

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