Google TV app adds streaming support for other apps

Google TV’s vision is to make streaming your favorite shows easy by keeping everything in one place. The Google TV app now builds on that idea by providing support for streaming content from multiple streaming services through a single app.

The Google TV app on Android will add support for a central streaming button which, ideally, would mean you only need one app to get content from a range of different streaming services onto your TV. As Google shows below, this feature puts the streaming option within the Google TV app on individual pieces of content, even if they’re only available on a specific streaming service.

The example in question is Peacock’s Bel-Air reboot. Opening the show listing in the Google TV app reveals a button that allows users to stream an episode to their TV. When you touch that button, that happens immediately. You don’t open the Peacock app on your phone, and the target TV immediately jumps to playback. On Android TV OS, this functionality is likely to be supported by Cast Connect to create a more seamless experience. Streaming controls even remain in the Google app.

Of course, this is Google’s vision, but there are some details that are not yet clear. Google couldn’t provide us with a list of apps that support this level of integration, but some stubborn streamers, like Netflix, probably won’t embrace it. Still, it’s a fascinating and potentially useful feature.

Google TV’s expanded streaming support will roll out starting “later in 2022,” at which point Google will confirm which apps are supported.

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