Santander offers huge savings rates of 2.5% and you only need £1 to start saving | Personal Finance | Finance

When it comes to the best bank accounts, there is no one size fits all solution, however, Santander has an option that could be attractive.

123 Santander Regular e-Saver now offers those looking to build their savings fund a fixed rate of 2.5 percent interest for 12 months.

Those who are already customers of 123, Private and Select current accounts qualify for this attractive interest rate on savings of up to £200 per month.

Santander customers can also get rebates on bills if they have a current account at the bank, including council taxes and up to a two per cent rebate on energy bills.

They will also receive a one percent rebate on broadband, television packages and mortgage payments.

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Meanwhile, the Royal Bank of Scotland is giving new customers £150.

Domestically, on the other hand, it offers up to £125.

When it comes to choosing a new savings account, experts suggest that people consider what matters to them.

While the interest rates and free cash are important, people need to weigh the other benefits.

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