Sinn Féin out of the woods as the mystery of the green letter boxes in the English city is solved

The person behind post boxes in an English town being painted green, which a local politician suggested could be the work of Sinn Féin activists, has come forward to put an end to the mystery.

The acts of anonymous vandalism baffled and angered Huddersfield residents in equal measure, but a person calling himself the ‘Green Pimpernel’ has come forward to claim responsibility.

In recent weeks, everyone from local Green Party activists to Sinn Féin were featured as possible assailants in the mystery, and Royal Mail had called on West Yorkshire Police to launch an investigation into numerous red painted post boxes. with green spray under the cover of darkness.

Now, in a random statement sent to the YorkshireLive news website, the perpetrator has made his motives clear.

The Green Pimpernel said they had “taken on the task of identifying dilapidated postboxes within Kirklees that haven’t seen a lick of paint for years, which I have been bringing back to the original green color with a modern touch of neon or turquoise. In its simplest form it is an artistic expression.”

A Conservative councillor, Bernard McGuin, who has previously linked Sinn Féin or its supporters to acts of vandalism following the party’s success in Northern Ireland elections, has called on Pimpernel to stop.

“Seriously speaking, this costs Royal Mail money every time it repaints them. Whoever is doing this needs to realize the council is not responsible for this and I urge them to stop doing it,” he told Yorkshire Live.

“If you are making a comment about the state of the roads, while I am sympathetic, this is not the right way to do things. The people have just had a democratic vote and although I do not like the results, it is important to respect the wishes of the electorate.

“There have been some ‘joking’ comments about me being responsible, but I don’t think upsetting people who live near these now multicolored monstrosities is getting any more laughs. Enough is enough, whatever point this so-called Green Pimpernel is making is being missed.

“Another fear I have is that we are inspiring copycats to carry out more vandalism, so I ask people to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity near Royal Mail mailboxes.”

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