Court order sought to prevent Sean Quinn from accessing the quarry

Two companies that were part of the former Quinn group brought proceedings in High Court against former billionaire businessman and group founder Sean Quinn.

The action has been brought by Mannok Cement Limited and Mannok Build Ltd, who allege that Mr Quinn is trespassing on a quarry owned by the companies.

They are seeking an injunction restricting Mr Quinn, who the companies say has no right to be at Swanlinbar Quarry in Co Cavan, from trespassing on the site.

The companies claim that on several occasions since the end of 2019, Quinn has invaded their land. The most recent break-in, it is claimed, occurred on May 8 last when he was seen driving on his land, in his Mercedes Benz E class, including at Swanlinbar Quarry.

The companies now want the High Court to grant them an injunction preventing Mr Quinn from trespassing on their land.

industrial sites

In documents filed with the court, the companies say the lands are active industrial sites, where heavy machinery is operated, and Mr. Quinn’s alleged presence amounts to a significant health and safety risk. Only authorized people can be present on the site, he claims.

Mr. Quinn has no right or interest in the lands, and has no defense against the claims against him, the firms allege.

The firms say they are not entirely sure what the purpose of Mr. Quinn’s alleged intrusions is. They believe his actions amount to “a misguided form of defiant aggression” directed at the company’s management.

The plaintiffs state that their attorneys wrote to Mr. Quinn to request that he stop trespassing on the land.

The two companies are subsidiaries of Mannok Holdings DAC, formerly Quinn Industrial Holdings DAC/Quinn Group/Aventas Group and part of the Mannok group, which specializes in the sale and supply of construction products and packaging solutions.

The directors of the firm fear that, unless the court restrains him, Mr. Quinn will continue to trespass on locations where it is claimed he will pose a health and safety risk.

Mr Quinn is alleged to have also trespassed on land owned by companies in Northern Ireland. In 2021, Mr Quinn took a pledge in Belfast court not to encroach on land at Doon in Co Fermanagh.


In an affidavit in court, the CEO of the two companies, Liam McCaffrey, said that he and his management team have been subjected to “a long-standing and highly publicized campaign of intimidation, violence and serious threats.”

One of the firm’s directors, Kevin Lunney, was kidnapped and seriously assaulted.

McCaffrey said that while Quinn has “repeatedly condemned violence against the management team,” the defendant had said in a newspaper interview in 2021 that he wanted Mannok’s directors fired and that [Mr Quinn] he would do anything he could do in his power “to get those guys out.”

On Wednesday the two firms, represented in court by Andrew Fitzpatrick SC, obtained permission from Judge Siobhán Stack to give Mr Quinn short notice of the injunction proceedings at his home in Greaghrahan, Ballyconnell, Co Cavan.

The court entered its order ex parte, where only one party was represented in court.

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