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Rebecca’s health has worsened. While she is lying in bed, she dreams that she is on a train. William shows up to guide her through the train. Rebecca doesn’t want to leave yet. “I’m waiting for someone,” she says.

Phillip arrives at Kevin’s house with Jack and Hailey. He’s already talked to Kate. She is boarding a plane from London as soon as possible. Kate will arrive at Kevin’s house in the morning.

sterling k.  Brown
Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson. (NBC)

leaves is pregnant

Deja reveals to Randall that she is pregnant. She still hasn’t told her boyfriend. Only Randall knows and promises to keep it a secret. Randall can’t resist telling Beth, who already knows that Deja is pregnant without her even saying a word.

Rebecca’s nurse runs out of Rebecca’s room and tells Kevin and Randall that it’s time to start saying goodbye. Rebecca may not survive the night. Randall and Kevin look at Phillip. Kate isn’t here yet. Kevin and Randall FaceTime Kate while she’s on the plane. Kate is understandably upset. “Tell him I’m on my way,” Kate insists to her siblings.

Beth decides to say goodbye to Rebecca first. In Rebecca’s dream, she sees Beth on the train. Beth tells Rebecca that she was always trying to make the “best impression” of Rebecca as her mother. She thanks Rebecca for everything, especially raising Randall. “I already have it,” says Beth.

While making her way through the train, Rebecca runs into Dr. K, who is serving as a waiter. Rebecca brings up the fact that Kate isn’t here. He has more words of wisdom for Rebecca than she did all those years ago. “You’re as tough as you come, Rebecca Pearson,” Dr. K says, before adding that she’s earned her break.

Sterling K Brown
Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown in ‘This Is Us’. (NBC)

More members of the family begin to say their goodbyes, including Sophie, Toby, Annie, and more. Almost everyone goes to bed, except for Randall and Kevin. They head to their mother’s room, just the two of them.

Malik arrives at Kevin’s house while Deja is sleeping, confirming that these two are at the end of the game. Malik is ready for fatherhood with Deja. “I have loved you since I was 16 years old. I want to marry you. I want to have this baby with you,” says Malik.

The episode actually starts with a family of 5 in the car. One of the children in the car is named Marcus, who is currently trying to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. The night of the car accident is the same night that Jack died. Jack, still in his ash-covered clothes, introduces himself to his father, played by sweet hill. Jack tries to make small talk over the coffee. The father says that Jack “is practically catching me on the worst night of my life.”

In the present day, the children of the family in the car accident mention their family motto. The family motto is the same one that Dr. K told Jack all those years ago. It turns out that Jack’s doctor was saving Marcus while Jack was dying. While Jack was in cardiac arrest, Marcus was coding. When the doctor came back down after saving Marcus, Jack was already dead. Marcus grows up to make a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research.

rebeca dies

Mandy Moore
Sterling K. Brown and Mandy Moore as Randall and Rebecca. (NBC)

In the train car, Rebecca is not ready to leave yet. She is still waiting for someone. Rebecca makes it through the night so Kate can get to her side. The Big Three say goodbye to her and tell her mother that they love her.

William leaves Rebecca alone in the caboose. When she goes to bed, Jack is there waiting for her. Rebecca can die in peace with everyone she loves around her.

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