The Kansas Supreme Court confirms the map of the House prepared by the Republican Party

The Kansas Supreme Court upheld a Republican-drawn House map that would bisect a racially diverse county in the state, reversing a decision by a Kansas judge last month to throw out the map.

“The majority of the court holds that, on the record before us, the plaintiffs have not prevailed in their claims that [the redistricted map] violates the Kansas Constitution. Therefore, the judgment of the district court is reversed and the permanent injunction ordered by the district court is lifted,” Kansas Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall wrote for the majority of the court in a ruling by the court. Wednesday.

“A full opinion outlining the facts, rationale, and decisions of the tribunal, together with all dissenting or concurring opinions of the members of the tribunal, will be published,” it added.

the new map it would split the Democratic stronghold of Wyandotte County in two, moving part of the county to Rep. Jake LaTurner’s (R-Kansas) district and leaving less in the district represented by Rep. Sharice Davids (D-Kansas).

Instead, the map would add all of Franklin and Anderson counties to the Davids district, plus parts of conservative Miami County. Overwhelming majorities in all three counties voted for former President Trump in 2020.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (D) vetoed the map earlier this year, but that veto was overturned days later by the Republican-controlled Senate. A Democratic judge, Wyandotte County District Judge Bill Klapper, tossed the map last month and demanded that the legislature draw new lines.

The state Supreme Court ruling allows the new map to go into effect following the lower court’s injunction.

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