Google’s Nest Hub Max is down to $179 right now

Several Google Nest devices have been discounted ahead of Memorial Day weekend, making this a good opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in your smart home ecosystem. Wellbots has the Google Nest Hub Max for $179 when you use the code EGDT50 at checkout, so you’ll save $50 off its regular price. You can also get various discounts on Nest WiFi bundles – Nest WiFi router reduced to $119 with code EGDT50the router with an access point is on sale for $189 with the code EDGT80 and the three pack is reduced to $249 with code EDGT100.

Buy Nest Hub Max at Wellbots – $179 Buy Nest WiFi Router at Wellbots – $119 Buy Nest Wifi (2-Pack) at Wellbots – $189 Buy Nest WiFi (3-Pack) at Wellbots – $249

The Nest Hub Max is Google’s biggest smart display and it also has the best sound quality. Its 10-inch screen is big enough to comfortably watch YouTube or Netflix videos, or even take a Zoom call. Inside are stereo speakers that help the Hub Max sound better than any other Nest smart display, making it a good choice if you want an all-in-one device for streaming video, listening to music, and controlling devices like smart lights, cameras, and more. , thermostats. and more.

The Hub Max includes a video camera, and in addition to enabling things like Zoom calls, it also works with Google’s Face Match feature. This helps the device recognize who’s using it so it can show them relevant information, like personal calendar events, messages, and more. If you end up using the Hub Max in your kitchen or living room, this will come in handy as it will show each person in your household the information that pertains to them.

As for the Nest WiFi packages, we gave the system a score of 84 when we first reviewed it. Both the router and the access points have minimalist designs and are easy to install. They also have a built-in smart speaker inside, so you can call Google Assistant from anywhere you have the hotspots in your home. The biggest issue we’re having with the Nest WiFi system right now is that it doesn’t support WiFi 6, which can be a deal breaker if you’re looking to upgrade your home WiFi to the most advanced protocol available right now.

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