Qualcomm’s new reference AR glasses are wireless and more comfortable

Qualcomm’s smart glasses technology has come a long way in two years. The company has introduced Wireless AR Smart Viewer Reference Design, a next-generation pair of augmented reality glasses aimed at helping hardware partners build their own immersive glasses. It now connects wirelessly to a host PC, phone, or drive, and is 40 percent slimmer despite packing a newer (albeit a bit old) Snapdragon XR2 platform. Add in better balanced weight distribution and the device should be considerably more comfortable than its predecessor, even if it’s yet to win any fashion awards.

Each eye has a 1080p 90Hz micro-OLED display that reportedly eliminates motion blur. It will also have full six degrees of freedom movement thanks to three cameras (two monochrome, one color), as well as hand tracking with gesture recognition. WiFi 6E and Bluetooth help mix data quickly while maintaining less than 3ms delay between the glasses and the host device.

A handful of manufacturers already have access to Qualcomm’s new AR design, and more should have their turn in the “coming months.” You won’t be buying exactly this hardware as a regular customer. However, it could lead to a wave of next-generation glasses that you wouldn’t mind wearing to play or work, even if they’re not as ambitious as some augmented reality projects.

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