Market capitalisation: M-cap of 3 of the top five companies jumps Rs 1.78 lakh cr; Top Confidence Winner

Three of the top five most valued firms added Rs 1,78,650.71 crore to their market valuation last week, led by .

Last week, the benchmark BSE Sensex index rose 1,532.77 points, or 2.90 percent.

While Reliance Industries,

and they were the top five pack winners, and emerged as the latecomers.

The market valuation of Reliance Industries recovered by Rs 1,31,320.8 crore to reach Rs 17,73,889.78 crore.

Hindustan Unilever added Rs 30,814.89 taking its valuation to Rs 5,46,397.45 crore.

The bank’s market valuation jumped from Rs 16,515.02 crore to Rs 7,33,156.15 crore.

In contrast, the market capitalization (mcap) of Tata Consultancy Services collapsed Rs 43,743.96 crore to Rs 12,05,254.93 crore.

Infosys’ valuation was reduced by Rs 20,129.66 crore to Rs 6,12,303.26 crore.

In the ranking of the five most valued companies, Reliance Industries led the table, followed by Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Bank, Infosys and Hindustan Unilever.

Meanwhile, the country’s largest insurer

on Tuesday it made a lackluster debut on the stock markets, trading at more than 8 per cent discount. (LIC) also earned a spot among the top 10 most valued companies on its first day of trading on Tuesday.

LIC now ranks sixth in the list of the 10 most valued companies by market capitalization. It has a market valuation of Rs 5,22,602.94 crore.

ranked 7th with a valuation of Rs 4,93,251.86 crore, followed by (Rs 4,12,763.28 crore), HDFC (Rs 3,99,512.68 crore) and (Rs 3,77,686.72 crore). rupees).

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