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Helen Darby, a 36-year-old English teacher from Doncaster, is proof that you’re never too old to stop learning. She is now teaching others about a money-saving app that she says “changed my life.”

Most people would benefit from a little help saving money right now and who better to turn to than a teacher.

English teacher Helen discovered Snoop in August 2020 and has been using it ever since, telling everyone she meets how much she’s saved.

Since 2020, he’s saved nearly £1,500 and says it’s been “very little legwork”.

She told “I’ve saved on big bucks: car insurance, sim-only deals, flowers, takeaways and English Heritage membership.”

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Helen said: “He once alerted me to a £12 direct debit for fancy tea bags.

“Yes, they were very nice tea bags, but 12 pounds is a bit excessive, especially at the moment.

“He also sends me coupon codes – I received a £20 discount code for John Lewis when I was doing my Christmas shopping and also £10 worth of free luxury chocolates.”

As Helen points out, everyone loves gifts, but her all-time favorite has to be when she and her husband received a Google Nest worth around £80 when she bought headphones from John Lewis.

Snoop’s Archna Luthra said her research shows things are only going to get harder.

“Snoop’s latest Consumer Spending Snapshot shows that we are far from the ultimate ‘squeeze’ in household finances and few people will emerge from their personal finances unscathed,” he said.

“Bigger bills, higher prices and lighter payment packages will see purchasing power come under great pressure, particularly for less wealthy households. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet.”

“Right now, it’s about knowing and claiming what you’re entitled to, knowing where you stand based on a clear view of your bills and expenses, and then doing everything you can to reduce the things that are in your control.” .

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