Travel expert shares exactly what to say at the front desk to get a hotel room upgrade

A money-saving expert has revealed her best tips for getting a free hotel room upgrade once you get to the front desk.

Hotel receptionists often have the power to upgrade your room for free if a better one becomes available.

However, there are a few things you can say at the front desk that will increase your chances of getting a suite or larger room.

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Money saving expert Ellie Austin-Williams, the brains behind This Girl Talks Money, told exactly what to say.

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What do you need to say at the front desk to bag a suite?

“Please can I have a room on a higher floor?”

Ellie said, “Request a higher floor in the hotel.

“The more premium suites and rooms are usually located on the higher floors of a hotel, so ask for a room in the sky.

“Even if you don’t make it to the presidential suite, you’ll be further away from street noise.”

“Please can I have a corner room?”

“Ask for a room on the corner of the hotel,” Ellie advised.

She said, “Always choose a corner room if one is available. Due to the structural design of a building, these rooms typically have the highest square footage and windows while offering the lowest noise level.”

Another cool tip is to take your pet with you to bag a larger room.

Ellie said, “Travel with man’s best friend. Sometimes pet-friendly hotels assign the largest rooms to those traveling with pets because, let’s face it, their comfort is more important than yours.”

The downside to this, of course, is that you’ll have to share your room with your pet.

This could be more complicated than it is worth.

Ellie also offered other ways to get some freebies, deals, or upgrades.

She said: “Sunday nights are usually the cheapest nights to stay in a hotel in the city according to

“Most of the travelers have left town, and it’s the rush of business before Monday morning, so you can often get discounts on hotel rooms.

“December and January are cheaper travel months, what better way to beat the January blues than with a vacation or a short break?

“The first two weeks of January are usually the quietest travel weeks and the perfect time to grab a bargain.”

Other tips for getting a hotel room upgrade

Sign up for the hotel loyalty plan

Hotels love to reward their members. If you like to stay at one or two hotel chains on a regular basis, signing up as a member is probably worth it.

Check in later in the day

Later in the day, the staff will have a better idea of ​​what is available.

Unlikely to upgrade in the morning when a customer paying for the larger room may show up.

On the other hand, if you check in too late, these upgrades may already have been granted.

Let them know it’s a special occasion.

If you are celebrating, please let the hotel staff know. At least you can get a free bottle of champagne.

stay in a new hotel

New hotels are likely to have fewer guests and therefore are more likely to have a free space. They will be eager to show off their best facilities.

They are also likely to seek out good reviews, which often lead to updates.

Be good!

No matter what you say, if you’re not courteous to the staff, you probably won’t be rewarded. It goes without saying, but always be friendly and nice to the staff at your chosen hotel.

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