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Thursday, May 19, 2022, and it is the last day of our face-to-face Mobility event. Tomorrow we take the journey to the mean streets of the world wide web, and you can still join us virtually! — Haje Y cristina

TechCrunch Top 3

  • dr: We know you don’t have 32 minutes to read the new Meta Global Affairs President’s manifesto, so Natasha skim-read it for yourself. In short, the future of the metaverse – sorry, “metaverse spaces” – is uncertain, complicated, and needs a lot of developers to do it. We still don’t have the 411 on how Meta plans to make money in the metaverse, particularly, as Natasha points out, since the company does a lot of tracking and profiling. That may come in Nick Clegg’s next manifesto. We are here for that.
  • What happens when a vertical farming company cracks the code?: Spoiler alert, it’s delicious! Oishii started out selling strawberries from its New Jersey facility for $50 for eight to 11 berries, and with a new facility up and running, the company is now able to bring that down to $20. It’s still not quite on par with what we get at the grocery store, but if food prices continue to rise, they may eventually meet in the middle.
  • Turn the beat around: Could Tech Valuations Be Lower Than Needed? Surely that’s the argument. Alex is doing, with a chart showing how Okta stock is now selling even lower than it was in early 2019, before the pandemic and before all earnings multiples spiked. He presents some examples of why the technology sell-off may have gone too far.

Startups and VCs

The Y Combinator team just walked in and told its founders to buckle up and prepare for the worst. “If your plan is to raise money in the next 6 to 12 months, you may be raising it at the height of the recession. We recommend that you change your plan.” manish reports.

We’ve spent the last few days immersing ourselves in the world of mobility at TC Sessions. Here are the top three takeaways from Nuro’s incredible session, as distilled by Rebeca.

For TechCrunch Plus, Haje did a $2.3 million seed round launchpad teardown of BoxedUp. It has some really slick storytelling and some fixable quirks; We think you’ll get a tip or two from this story for your own fundraising efforts, so come check it out!

A little more:

  • Spend now, pay later: Untapped Global wanted to rethink the collateral gap for African businesses by allowing small businesses to use their ongoing income as collateral, Miguel reports.
  • Home is where the buffalo roam: Belong, a startup that aims to revolutionize property management, just raised $50 million to increase its footprint, Mary Anne reports.
  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that: Framework User Repairable Laptop gets an update. It’s a bit ironic at first sight, but Brian describe why it makes sense.
  • Flying over the Sahara: A new agreement sets a lofty goal of deploying 12,000 of Wingcopter’s 198 drone systems in Africa over the next 5 years. Brian reports.
  • A budding romance: Brian is on a roll today, also covering the launch of Sony’s $200 LinkBuds headphones.
  • Game on, my wayward son: Andreessen Horowitz launches $600 million fund for gaming investments. The new vehicle, called Games Fund One, joins other industry-specific arms at a16z, including its crypto and bio divisions, Luke reports.

Dear Sophie, Is there anything I can do to speed up the EAD renewal process?

Dear Sophie,

I have an L-2 visa as a dependent spouse of my husband’s L-1A.

My EAD (work permit) is due in May: We applied for my visa and EAD extension a few months ago. How long does the current process take?

Is there anything I can do so that my employment is not affected?

— Career focused

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great tech inc

WhatsApp’s new business app should have nine cloud companies. Not only is the new version of the Business API free, which will appeal to smaller businesses, but it will also take minutes instead of weeks to implement and cut some of those pesky server costs.

At Netflix news, we were initially excited about the prospect of a “Mystery Box” feature. Of course, perhaps we put too much on a pedestal. Turns out, it’s a way for kids to get back to watching their favorite shows more easily. Plus, Netflix is ​​also rolling out some extra features to make content more accessible – think subtitles and languages.

Twitter has a new crisis disinformation policy that will place a warning on tweets deemed “misleading” during times of crisis and prioritize those on high-profile accounts or tweets that have gone viral.

Here are some more for your Thursday:

More information is being uncovered about the Buffalo shooter and how he used social media in the days leading up to the incident that left 10 people dead and three injured.

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