Blackbird and Square Peg team up in first seed deal since Canva, backing digital business card startup Blinq

“Essentially, you’re solving a problem that hasn’t been solved yet on the Internet: identity fragmentation,” he says. The Australian Financial Review.

“People go to an event, they meet someone and they can swipe and scan their QR code, and it shows up in their contact details. Then if I update my information, it will update the contact information in real time.”

sprawling hobby

When Mr. Webb launched Blinq in late 2017 as a hobby, Apple had added the ability to scan QR codes to iOS. Android didn’t implement this technology until late 2019, shortly before the pandemic hit.

This limited early adoption of the company due to the experience of sharing details with anyone who didn’t have an iPhone.

But since then, its use has skyrocketed.

Webb said the company had adopted a freemium model, in which users could access a basic version for free, but had to pay for additional features, such as add-on cards.

It is also enrolling business customers in a paid version of the product, giving businesses a way to easily manage and update their professional identity from one dashboard. For example, if a company moves offices, you can use the dashboard to automatically update all employees’ addresses in their Blinq profiles and email signatures.

growth areas

Ninety percent of Blinq’s business comes from the US The new usage often coincides with major conferences in the US, such as South by Southwest in March.

It’s already being used by teams at Google, Tesla, Uber and Airwallex, according to the Blinq website.

“We really want to build out the commercial product and add more business features,” said Mr. Webb.

“And we want to improve email signatures and virtual backgrounds. When we make the first impression, we can focus on the follow-up: how to engage someone after meeting them and ask them to contact them again.”

Blackbird Ventures co-founder and partner Rick Baker said that, like Canva, Blinq had a “cool viral loop” where people start using it themselves, it spreads by word of mouth and takes off within a company. .

“In the same way that Canva crosses the consumer and B2B worlds, Blinq also encompasses both,” he said.

“It has an organic, bottom-up sales model where people find it, start using it at home and in their work life, and then bring it into the organization.

“Blinq is exactly the type of business we’re looking for and we love it at Blackbird.”

Square Peg director James Tynan said this was the first major innovation in contact information storage since before the iPhone.

“It’s time for a connected identity layer that never becomes obsolete,” he said.

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