Ryanair flight attendant arrested after being caught on camera drinking on flight

The admin has been fired since the video surfaced.

A Ryanair flight attendant has been arrested after being caught drinking on camera while in the air.

The incident occurred on a flight between Rzeszow in Poland and Stansted in London last Wednesday (May 18).

In the video, the flight attendant can be seen hiding in the back of the plane along with a passenger who covertly recorded the encounter, looking down the aisle before drinking a small bottle of wine.

Later, the passenger hands the butler a small bottle of vodka and tells him to “don’t make it obvious.”

“I asked him for a drink and when he came over he said: ‘Shut up, don’t tell anyone, but I’ll have one too,'” the passenger told The Sun.

“Then he started having a shot of whiskey. She also had a 187ml bottle of rosé.

“He seemed drunk and looked like he had been drinking for longer than just on the flight.

“I asked to speak to the captain and he was furious.”

Essex Police said the steward “will appear at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (June 8) to answer a charge of performing an aviation function, that is, being a member of the cabin of an aircraft during flight. , when his ability to do so was impaired due to drinking.”

Police confirmed that the incident occurred at Stansted Airport and that “the charge is contrary to sections 92(1)(a) and 95 of the Rail and Transport Safety Act 2003”.

In a statement to JOE, a Ryanair spokesperson said:

“Lauda Europe’s policy, in line with the regulation of the European Aviation Safety Agency, prohibits the consumption of alcohol by cabin or flight crew from 8 hours before a flight service until after the end of the flight. service.

“Lauda Europe has investigated a breach of this strict policy by an individual cabin crew on a flight from Rzeszow to Stansted (May 18). The cabin crew member in question no longer operates for Lauda Europe.”

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