Explosives Among Dubs Fun ‘Fixes’ After Car ‘Stole’ During Test Drive

A car owner took to Reddit to share his troubles with DoneDeal after his engine was allegedly stolen during a test drive.

The owner explained that he received a call from a woman shortly after putting her car up for sale on his site.

He went for a test drive with the car without the owner in the car, and just drove away.

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The Dubliner was puzzled when she didn’t stop.

They wrote: “So something extremely strange happened today. I posted my car ad on Done Deal.”

“After posting the ad, I immediately received a call from a girl to show the car. I called her at home and went through all the details of the car.

“Also, she asked for a test drive and I pointed out to her, she can take to Cul de Sac, she agreed and took the car.

“Then she turned the Cul de Sac car and just walked past me, I even waved her to stop it. This is a strange thing, I approached Garda now, I don’t know what to do now, my car is gone.”

“You can’t trust anyone. My God!”

Fortunately, the people of the internet were on hand to provide some friendly advice and a few horror stories of their own.

One wrote: “Similar thing happened to some people on my property recently. Car owners refused to let the woman drive alone, and the woman always ran away with the car keys.”

“Later, she was seen driving around the estate with three other men in the car, presumably looking for the cars she had the keys to. They called the Garda, but the bastards left before the patrol arrived.”

Another said: “That’s crazy. She’s probably done it a few times by the looks of it. She hosts a ton of meetups. Most would probably sit with her. She only needs one or two a day to win.”

“Sorry to hear that OP. We all have our moments. You have a good nature, don’t let that make you bitter.”

And the owner was also the subject of more than a few jokes.

One person said: “If you are selling your car: ALWAYS pack it with explosives in case of theft. (Keep detonator within reach).”

Another wrote: “Is he back yet?”

A third commented: “Do you have more cars for sale? Asking for a friend.”

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