The EU Commission is satisfied with the guarantees for the proceeds from the sale of Chelsea

In what may have been the final administrative hurdle other than the actual transfer (and subsequent freezing) of the funds needed to complete the Boehly-Clearlake Consortium’s purchase of Chelsea Football Club (still hoping for a better name!), the European Union seems satisfied as well now that none of the funds will benefit sanctioned people and so we can probably go ahead and end this (and this sentence) and one with.


(The EU had a say in this because Roman Abramovich (also) has Portuguese citizenship at the moment.)

The “Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union”, Mairead McGuinness confirmed today that they have “received the necessary guarantees that the sale of Chelsea is fully in line with the sanctions regulations”. McGuinness also confirmed that the net proceeds will go “entirely for humanitarian purposes in Ukraine”, as Roman Abramovich had envisioned all along. (McGuinness didn’t include that last bit since every government entity is trying to take credit for this now. Good job politicians!)

In any case, Chelsea are supposed to be preparing an official announcement soon, though hopefully not at 2am local time like last time!

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