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In the Racecourse Price Index (RPI) we report from racecourses in Great Britain and Ireland on the cost of taking part in races.

Racecourse Report: Chester Entry, Food & Pint Prices


Visit date: Saturday May 28, 2022

It was a great day?

Not particularly on track, with ITV covering only one of the seven races, a class 2 handicap of seven and a half furlongs. However, it was ‘Rome Day’ at the Roodee with plenty going on and the track described it as “one of the most popular events for families”. The meeting was abandoned after four races.

How much was the entrance fee through the gate?

Four options available: County £60, Tattersalls £50, Dee £20 and Open £15. Concessions were available to first responders.

Aside from restaurants and hospitality, what were the food and beverage options?

A wide selection, especially in midfield. The track’s own food kiosks offered gourmet burgers, homemade mushy pea pies or bowls of Korean sticky rice. All three options looked good.

There were plenty more options too, with the traditional fish and chip stand, the burger and hot dog van, and even a stand offering a plant-based burrito.

As with the variety of food on offer in the center of the rink, anyone who wanted more than a pint of beer was in luck, with a ‘Crate of Beer’ serving craft beers, a cocktail shack and a Pimm’s van. All of these stalls make up the perimeter of an infield grass seating area, where a DJ sets the mood between races.

What is the damage?

Water bottle: £3.00
cheaper pint: Beck £6.00
guiness: £6.50
Champagne: Laurent-Perrier Brut NV £90, Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose £110
Burger: Two options: the gourmet version which offers the course at £9.50 or the standard swamp version of the burger van at £6.50.

All drink prices taken from the main racecourse bar, or where there are multiple bars, one chosen at random.

How was the burger?

Pretending to be classy for the day I went for the gourmet brisket cheeseburger at £9.50. It was expensive but a similar price with pie and peas at £9 and fish and chips at £11. Anyway, credit where credit is due, it was a good burger with Monterey Jack cheese, onions, beef tomato, and lettuce on a beer sourdough bun.

And the queues?

It’s not the busiest event the course has ever hosted and before the first it seemed easy to get food and drink, with the bars around the course apparently well staffed.

What did the bettors say?

“This living area [‘The Lawn’ in the centre of the track] is a great addition. You can see the horses in the paddock and you don’t have to cross to the main grandstand when you need a drink. There’s a good selection of food and drinks and it’s a good place to spend an afternoon, as long as it’s not humid!”
Graham HaydenWarrington

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FIRST PUBLICATION 3:00 pm, MAY 28, 2022

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