Chaos for Irish tourists traveling to Portugal as Ryanair cabin crew plan a three-day strike in June

The plans of Irish tourists booked for a holiday in Portugal this summer could be ruined if the planned strikes go ahead.

Ryanair’s Portuguese cabin crew have announced they will go on strike for three days later this month, on June 24, 25 and 26.

Around 50 flights connecting Ireland and Portugal in those three days are likely to be affected.

The workers are demanding compliance with Portuguese law and better working conditions, Portugal’s civil aviation staff union SNPVAC said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This mobilization is not only an opportunity to highlight the multiple attacks on the dignity of workers and make this reality known, but also a moment to show unity and solidarity against dumping,” the union added.

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The decision comes a day after Ryanair’s Spanish cabin crew announced a six-day strike scheduled for June 24, 25, 26 and 30 and July 1 and 2, as they are unhappy with conditions labor and salary.

Ryanair’s French cabin crew went on strike on Sunday and Monday demanding better wages and working conditions, a union official said earlier, adding that more than 40 flights had to be cancelled.

Ryanair’s Irish cabin crews have not voted to strike, but the strike will potentially affect thousands of Irish people with holiday plans this summer.

However, in a statement to The Irish Mirror, Ryanair said the SNPVAC union leading the Portuguese strike represents less than 3% of its cabin crew and that they “do not expect widespread disruption this summer”.

The full statement read: “Ryanair has negotiated collective agreements covering 90% of our people across Europe. In recent months, we have been negotiating improvements to those agreements as we move through the recovery phase from Covid. Those negotiations are going well and we do not expect a widespread disruption this summer.

“In Portugal, we entered into a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) for our cabin crew in 2021 with the STTAMP union (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores dos Transportes de Portugal), the largest and most representative union of Ryanair cabin crew in Portugal. Last month we concluded an extension to this CLA that now runs until 2026 and offers improvements for cabin crew based in Portugal, reinforcing Ryanair’s commitment to the well-being of its cabin crew.

“The recent announcement by the SNPVAC union (representing less than 3% of Ryanair’s cabin crew) is a distraction from their own failure to deliver deals after three years of negotiations and that their strike calls will not be supported by our Portuguese crews”.

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