[Funding roundup] FreshR, Spardha, PMaps, TGP raise seed money

Fish and meat distribution startup FreshR raises $1.2 million

Fish and meat distribution startup Freshness has raised $1.2 million in a seed round led by axillary companies Y 1 crowd. It will use the funds to expand its geographic footprint, develop and implement your technology stack and grow the team.

Previously, FreshR had raised a seed round from Villgro, Upaya Social Ventures, Beyond Capital Fund, and other early-stage funds.

Founded by Ambika Satapathy and Sadananda Satapathy, the B2B meat and fish aggregation and distribution startup helps farmers, distributors, restaurants and groceries sell and buy on a single platform. It operates in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Earlier this year, FreshR launched an app to standardize prices and grades for the sector and enable bulk buyers across India to place orders and track quality processes.

Ambika Satapathy and Sadananda Satapathy, co-founders of FreshR

Edtech startup Spardha raises Rs 8 crore in Series A2 pre-round led by Inflection Point Ventures

Spardha, Pune-based digital music education and performing arts training platform, raised Rs 8 crore in a Series A2 pre-round led by Turning Point Companies (IPV). The round also saw the participation of Mumbai Angels and We Founder Circle.

The startup will use the funds to hire sales and operations teams, along with product upgrades, branding and marketing initiatives to expand its presence in the global market.

Founded in 2016 by Saurabh Srivastav, Amrita Srivastav, Y Rikhil Jain, Spardha offers personalized online learning and training programs in the field of music and performing arts. It claims to have a specially designed curriculum and over 400 certified trainers and professionals offering online lessons.

The startup claims to expand to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates and has increased its revenue 10-fold in the last 14 months.

sparda team

Cybersecurity startup SubCom raises $1 million led by YourNest

Cyber ​​Security Home SubCom (Subconscious Compute Pvt Ltd) raised $1 million in a seed round of YourNest Venture Capital, ISV Capital, and existing investor Entrepreneur First.

The round also included the participation of bikky khosla (Chairman, TradeIndia), Varun Algh (Founder, Mamaearth), gill harjot (Founder, FluxNinja and Netsil) and senior executives from Google, Netflix and Visa.

Founded in December 2020 by Anter Virk and Dilawar Singh, SubCom provides endpoint observability through ‘Habituation Neural Tissue’. AI-powered technology allows users to observe and manage the trust score of their endpoints such as laptops, mobile phones, and IoT devices in real time.

Similar to biological intelligence, SubCom’s Habituation Neural Fabric learns to differentiate between real threats and safe signals. It is adept at processing volumes of data at the endpoint and detecting anomalies with unprecedented precision in real time. SubCom analyzes, classifies and quantifies detected irregularities into a simple and user-friendly trust score, the company said.

“SubCom’s Habituation Neural Fabric is a game changer, helping everyone tackle an Internet that remains weaponized by anonymous hackers with ephemeral footprints. Corporations can now overcome zero-day vulnerabilities with 1/10 of the time, effort , cost, and workforce trained in cybersecurity. ,” said Ranjeet Shetye, partner, YourNest VC.

PMaps lands Rs 5 crore led by Indian Angel Network, Lets Venture

pmapsa image-based candidate assessment platform used to improve hiring results, has raised Rs 5 crore in a Series A round led by Indian Angels Network Y Lets Venture. The financing round will facilitate the GTM Initiatives aimed at accelerating customer acquisition and strengthening key alliances.

The technology-enabled platform enables companies to recruit via web, desktop and mobile applications, and provides language-independent and engaging pre- and post-employment assessments. Through your smart online surveillance: PMap Supervisor — Visual assessment aims to reduce hiring time (60 percent) and costs.

“In today’s digital world, traditional or text-based candidate assessments are suboptimal as they are time consuming, easy to manipulate and assume the candidate is literate. Considering the influx of applications recruiters receive these days, PMaps visual assessment is the need of the hour, measuring candidate competency in less than 11 minutes. This injection of capital is nothing short of a vote of confidence in PMaps’ performance and direction,” said Tarvinder Kaur, co-founder and CEO of PMaps.

Saurabh Rana and Tarvinder Kau, co-founders of PMaps

Geospatial intelligence startup Intents Mobi raises $1 million

Geospatial intelligence startup based on Gurugram Mobile Intents raised $1 million led by DevX Venture Fund, Unnati Labs, and great strategic angels from the logistics and mobility sector.

The startup will use the funds to invest in technology capabilities, increase GIS information collection for the country and further drive business sales. It had raised $600,000 in a seed round in April 2021.

Founded by Naresh Kumar Kachhi Y tabrez allam, later joined by Balasubramaniam S Y Prakash Velusamythe 15-member startup uses a network of ‘Scouts’, a community of more than 700,000 users, who contribute to the generation of data for location intelligence.

Co-founder Naresh said: “It is encouraging to be awarded funding at this crucial stage when we are focusing on increasing our capabilities and expanding our technology stack. We are working to solve the problems with GIS data that affect all industries connected to mobility.”

Naresh added: “Our hardware-independent technology ensures that we can map the entire country without investing heavily in capital expenditures. Since we already generate information for almost 4.5 million kilometers of roads per day and process three million geocodes every month, the funds will allow us to increase this by 5 times and cover the 50 most populous Indian cities by the end of the year.”

Tabrez Alam and Naresh Kumar Kachhi, co-founders of Intents Mobi

The Gaming Project raises $500,000 in seed round

The Gaming Project (TGP), a cloud gaming platform, raised $500,000 in an initial round of FAAD Network, With Upsparks, BlackKite and SucSEED Innovation Fund, among others. The round also included the participation of MAGEHold Y Hem angels.

Cloud gaming is a form of online gaming, where the game is run on remote servers. Users can play any game they want without the restriction of having expensive physical gaming platforms.

The Gaming Project (TGP) is democratizing access to AAA gaming with its platform that allows you to play any video game/AAA game on any device (mobile, laptop). Such devices, even with modest configurations, can take advantage of TGP to play the most advanced console/PC based games.

Founded by Manan Mittal and Sarang Atri in March 2020, the startup claims to have registered more than 300,000 users on its platform.

Sarang Atri and Manan Mittal, co-founder of The Gaming Project

Hyphen raises $1 million in pre-seed round

Hyphen, an experiential living community, raised $1 million in a combination of debt and equity in its pre-seed round of notable Silicon Valley angels and Sriram Puthucode (former vice president of Symantec Global).

The startup will deploy fresh capital to expand into new markets, launch new types of products, and integrate technology and automation to power consumer experiences.

Screenplay (formerly Dwellingo) launched its first property in August 2021 and has been on a “quest to eliminate urban loneliness” ever since.

Founded in 2021 by Anirudh Rao, Grishma Reddy, Rishi Sreedharan and Samarth Gowda, the company claims to grow at 200% per month and plans to have 6,000 beds and expand to five markets, starting with Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Delhi-NCR. by 2023.

“Post-COVID-19, the cohabitation market has seen tremendous growth with people flocking back to offices. There is a greater need for players/companies to offer more than just four walls and a roof. Hyphen’s emphasis on experience-driven hybrid living sets them apart and takes a huge leap into the future of organized living,” said Sriram Puthucode, former vice president of Symantec Global.

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